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Why Choose AV Rentals NYC

We provide fully professional AV installation and support services for trade shows, concerts, charitable and fund raising events, corporate and also private events. We rent and install audiovisual systems including live sound reinforcement, complete sound distribution with ceiling speakers, audio recording, video conferencing, ceiling mounted microphones, high resolution multi-screens LCD projection. Our professional staff has the knowledge and industrial practice with commercial audio installation to ensure that all audiovisual needs of your event are met. Our promise to you is that an audio or/and video system is effective, audible and intelligible. We make sure that every detail is taken into consideration, from concept to completion. As in all cases, our A/V consultants do the research to determine what technologies are currently available and how best to use and integrate these within A/V systems customized to supply you with the tools you need to communicate effectively with your audience. When you choose AV Rentals NYC, you’re choosing a vendor that is an AV market leader, dedicated to helping you succeed in whatever audiovisual communication tasks you undertake.

No Job is Too Small

AV Rentals NYC has projected and mounted AV systems, lighting and staging projects ranging from $500 to $300,000. It has given us the experience necessary to tackle any event solution. So many of our clients are amazed to find out we have affordable solutions for entry-level video, audio, and lighting, or that we’ve installed sound and video/projection systems for big ballrooms and largest NYC’s venues. We specialize in meeting the AV needs of trade shows, conferences, panel discussions, training sessions, corporate and private parties. We also offer a basic service, like TV or projector rental, PA system rental, and small package lighting rental for any events. For larger audiovisual productions, AV Rentals NYC has a crew of experienced technicians and audio/video engineers to help you with everything from specific event planning to professional staging and high-end entertainment solution. With experience gained from working with more than thousand clients each year, we provide with the East Coast finest audio, video, and lighting equipment and services for your event whether it is a product lunch meeting in a restaurant, or a multi-session conference in downtown Hilton or Marriott Marques.

Our Pro AV Design

At AV Rentals NYC we're not just making audiovisual installations we create great impressions. We've demonstrated to our clients and their guests that we can transform any presentation into an event reality. Tell us if you want us to create a fresh new event concept or need us to produce professional event from your existing specs. We combine our creativity with the latest AV and computer technologies to generate a variety of options for you to choose from, and to produce very special design for your next event if you need it. A leader in AV design, consulting, project management, custom installation, and post-installation services, AV Rentals NYC personnel has been providing services to many companies in NYC for more than 10 years. We have a team which is qualified and has had even more practice then the in-house AV staff. We are familiar with Labor Codes and Union regulations, and can obtain all the necessary permits to perform our AV job according to your request repeatedly in any hotel in the city. Our service team is praised as one of the most reliable and efficient installation technicians in New York. We promise you will be pleased with your perfectly working equipment rented from us as well as properly installed AV application.

Last Minute Requests

There are no guarantees, but we do our absolute best to accommodate your last minute request, and get you the AV gear as fast as possible. If we do not have the equipment on hand, we will check all our sub resources to locate and organize what you need. If it can be found, we will find it. Don’t waste your personal time for calling to multiple AV market flicks - let us do the work for you. What makes us truly stand out is our onsite AV equipment delivery and setup service for the entire NYC metro area. No driving around the streets of Big Apple trying to locate audiovisual equipment, or leaving your event to pick it up at the last minute. You can contact us for AV or computer rentals at any hour and at any day – we are not your typical nine to five company that is only open during the business days. If you call on a Saturday night, or even Sunday morning the odds are good that we are out and about delivering TVs, sound, and lighting equipment all over NYC, and we would love to do our best to accommodate event request!

AV Rentals NYC provides audio, video, staging and lighting services for conferences, trade shows, corporate meetings and private parties. Our rental product line includes monitors, cameras, PA systems, microphones, screens, projectors, lighting and staging equipment, audio and video equipment. We also design sound learning environments and computer meeting rooms for universities, corporations, and business clients. We are the AV Company that provides various audiovisual services such as computer rentals, projector rentals, monitor rentals, screen rentals, podium rentals, truss rentals, TV rentals, walkie-talkie rentals, DJ equipment rentals. We do audiovisual and lighting production as well.

Interested in one of our services for your next event? Drop us a line and we will get back to you within the hour. Please be sure to include the best way we can reach you.


AV Rentals NYC is a vanguard NYC company committed to stunning design, seamless integration and superior performance in the audiovisual, lighting, and staging event industries. We are always able to provide our clients with the professional solutions to their most comprehensive needs. We also go beyond the basics by providing instruction on advanced features to maximize your use of the installed technology; giving you a higher return on your investment.  

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