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Event AV Production - technology rentals by AV NYC, Inc.




AV NYC has a great selection of black podiums, wooden podiums, silver podiums, acrylic podiums and contemporary lecterns and rents them for affordable prices. Our podiums are the super perfect addition for your presentation or ceremony. They are made from aluminium, wooden, and acrylic components. The lecterns are available in a variety of different heights, styles and even wood stains. Our services can even include custom modifications to our lecterns such as front HD monitor, emblems or logos, height and width modifications and more. Well, tell us what more you need? Call us now and rent the modern lectern today.

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MODEL 1. Wood Black Curved Lectern, Drawer & Storage Area, Black MDF.

Overall dimensions: 27.5”W x 43.3”H x 14”D.

Top surface dimensions: 25.8”W x 13”D.


Lectern comes in black finish and made from MDF with a veneer finish. This wooden podium is good for a restaurant or stage. The speaking surface is semi-enclosed so that the presenter’s materials and supplies will be out of sight. Behind the speaker is an open compartment for storage. The lectern stands at 43". Truss-like post adds contemporary styling to any environment. This podium simply has the "Perfect Feel" about it. 

MODEL 2. Floor Truss Lectern with Interior Shelf and Aluminum Silver Finish.

Overall dimensions: 25”W x 46.875”H x 16.75”D.

Top surface dimensions: 25"W x 16.75”D.


This floor truss podium is perfect for use for outdoor events, convention centers and other professional environments. The aluminum basis is extremely durable yet still lightweight enough for easy repositioning. The 25-inch-wide floor lectern offers a large reading surface for keeping notes organized during a presentation. It also has the 1.125-inch-deep lip prevents laptop from moving out of place. This truss lectern also has an interior shelf for storing small handouts. It has a heavy steel base for added stability. 

MODEL 3. The Hope Lectern with Mahogany Finish.

Overall dimensions: 22-3/8”W x 48”H x 21-5/8”D.

Top surface dimensions: 21-1/4"W x 21”D.


This wood lectern is a cost effective presentation solution for any institution or business. This floor pulpit has a smooth laminate finish and angled reading surface. It designed with a 3/4" lip on the bottom of the writing surface to keep notes in place while speaking. Above the reading surface of this wood lectern is a small shelf that is ideal to accommodate a microphone. This pulpit features 4 hidden casters under the base, making it very easy to move. This wood lectern also has cable cutouts throughout, from top to bottom to aid in wiring a mic or your own audio equipment. 

MODEL 4. The Audio Admiral Lectern with Oak Finish.

Overall dimensions: 25”W x 46”H x 20”D.

Top surface dimensions: 24"W x 21-1/2”D.


The Admiral Lectern System is an elegant, full-height AV podium with a spacious work area and cabinet designed to accommodate the portable sound system. This full height wooden pulpit has rugged style lectern design and also includes a gooseneck microphone and XLR cable that easily connects to the compact internal or third-party systems. Additional features include tilt-n-roll casters, speaker cut-out and shock-mounted gooseneck holder. This lectern has cable cutouts throughout to support in wiring cables for AV presentation and shock-absorbing microphone mount that minimizes vibration noise. 

MODEL 5. Black Slim Line Floor Lectern with Lacquer Finish.

Overall dimensions: 22”W x 47”H x 21”D.

Top surface dimensions: 20"W x 14”D.


This presentation lectern has black lacquer finish and is a fine-furniture quality floor podium crafted entirely from the finest hardwood and sure to complement the decor of even the most distinctive interiors. The model features an impressive lacquer stain that highlights the natural beauty of the wood. It also includes solid-wood front panel and a high-grade, clear lacquer finish to extend the life and enhance the beauty of the lectern. A number of other accessories are also available, including microphones, protective covers, and custom logos, among others. This AV lectern has a solid construction that ensure years of reliable use. 

MODEL 6. Executive Wood Counselor Evolution Lectern in Cherry Wood Finish.

Overall dimensions: 26-1/2”W x 48”H x 22”D.

Top surface dimensions: 24"W x 20”D.


Executive Wood Counselor Evolution Lectern has a perfect the combination of features. This podium has a solid cherry wood construction that provides a rich, luxurious look that cannot be denied. It is finished natural to really show the true quality in the wood. This AV lectern has shelf in podium column for additional storage and grommets for wire chases throughout. Its work surface drops from angled to flat for laptop computer use. To convert this pulpit from a floor standing to a table top podium, just detach the top section from the mid-section by releasing/unscrewing four locking cams and place it on a desk top.

MODEL 7. Modern Acrylic Lectern with Shelf, Clear.

Overall dimensions: 24”W x 46”H x 15”D.

Top surface dimensions: 24"W x 23-1/2”D.


Bring a contemporary look to your presentation or office space with our Modern Acrylic Lectern. It gives a professional look to present any project. With a solid acrylic construction, it has a durability that is made to last for years. This modern-style lectern is perfect for a restaurant parties or other business marketing setting. The clear podium comes with a shelf, so you can store needed items and have the ability to keep notes or props while you are on stage. With this Lucite lectern stand in your office, you can be ready to present information anytime. It is made from light weight 1/2” and 3/8” thick acrylic Plexiglas.

MODEL 8.  Contemporary Aluminum and Acrylic Podium with Spacious Reading Surface.

Overall dimensions: 26 3/4”W x 48”H x 15-1/4”D.

Top surface dimensions: 26-3/4"W x 15-1/4”D.


This contemporary aluminum and acrylic podium has an elegant modern design that is perfect for use in many situations such as trade shows, exhibitions, award ceremonies, corporate conferences. This AV lectern constructed from durable crystal clear acrylic and anodized aluminum materials. This perfect material combination offers the light weight and durability of this podium and makes it easy to move from location to location with the use of a hand truck. The large top reading surface is constructed of 3/4-inch thick acrylic and is the perfect for a 3-ring binder or laptop. A 1/2-inch lip keeps items from sliding off the reading surface. The 3/4-inch thick acrylic base has clear rubber feet to protect floors. 

MODEL 9. Modern Lectern with Maple-colored Front Panel.

Overall dimensions: 26 3/4”W x 49”H x 16-3/4”D.

Top surface dimensions: 26-3/4"W x 16-3/4”D.


This AV lectern is a great looking contemporary solution for your presentation needs. The 49" tall lectern provides a modern style that will match your current décor. The high-density polyethylene construction of black bottom and reading shelf complement the styling of the black anodized aluminum uprights. This full floor lectern measures almost 28” wide and features an angled reading surface for comfortable viewing of notes during a presentation. The large-size reading surface gives presenters the ability to lay out their notes during a speech, thus keeping them hidden from visitors yet still viewable for the presenter. This full floor lectern has a base and reading surface that are constructed from silver-finished MDF. The upright posts are made from aluminum, while the Maple-colored front panel is Formica.

MODEL 10. Acrylic & Aluminum Podium with Frosted Front.

Overall dimensions: 24”W x 46-1/2”H x 20”D.

Top surface dimensions: 23-3/4"W x 19-1/4”D.


This lectern has a contemporary design which can seamlessly be placed in a number of environments. Any office can use this this modern lucite pulpit with its contemporary design for business meetings and other corporate functions. This presentation podium is made in clear, silver, chrome colors from aluminum and acrylic and is equipped with 4 rubber feet to prevent scratches on the floors. This lectern accentuates any stage or even altar! With frosted front panel and satin anodized aluminum pillars it look elegant in any conference halls, banquet rooms, stages. This lectern is an example of contemporary elegance.

MODEL 11. Classic Table Top Lectern Wooden Cherry Finish Exclusive Podium.

Overall dimensions: 26-1/2”W x 18”H x 22”D.

Top surface dimensions: 24"W x 20”D.


Whether you are creating a presentation, or designing a business room for meeting this versatile and portable deluxe wood veneer-table-top lectern can be used on its own to make your company meetings or educational presentations flow smoothly and provide delightful impression. With a paper stop on the edge, this podium top will hold your items at an easy-to-read height. Optional accessories include sound systems with table top gooseneck microphone, clock timers, iPad or laptop.

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AV NYC is a vanguard NYC company committed to stunning design, seamless integration and superior performance in the audiovisual, lighting, and staging event industries. We are always able to provide our clients with the professional solutions to their most comprehensive needs. We also go beyond the basics by providing instruction on advanced features to maximize your use of the installed technology; giving you a higher return on your investment.

AV NYC's stage and lighting installation project for the NYU completed with a 100% LED lighting and clear podium with goose-neck microphone. AV NYC's podium and lighting setup for the NYU completed with a 100% LED lighting and clear podium.

Interested in one of our services for your next event? Drop us a line and we will get back to you within the hour. Please be sure to include the best way we can reach you.   

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