Event AV Production - technology rentals by AV NYC, Inc.
Event AV Production - technology rentals by AV NYC, Inc.


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We do all that we can to ensure the best possible service to our customers. Our well-trained, dedicated, and hard-working employees value all of our client's trust, and are committed to professional behavior. Our goal is to provide excellent service. At all times we work as a team to improve our services and maintain equitable and effective project functionality.

AV NYC corporate event planning services recommend the best audio visual design, outstanding lighting production, live event services, quality sound installation, and other event production. AV NYC corporate event planning service recommends the best audiovisual design & lighting production

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We have the most experienced technicians in the audiovisual events services and staging engineering industry, all in one company. What makes us truly irreplaceable? We are the only firm that can resourcefully and efficiently engineer and fully integrate a total event experience – one that is unforgettable, and meets your business objectives. AV NYC, Inc. was started in 2005, with a handful of equipment and two friends turned co-workers. For the first year it was slow, with just 3-4 rental equipment deliveries a week. However, quickly the reputation of our audio video rentals and other audio video services grew and we became more than the “hired help” for many of our clients.  Within a short amount of time our creative professionals grew into one of the most effective event production and corporate event planning services in New York. Now AV NYC Corporation is comprised of 18 employees including AV installers, video, staging and events lighting engineers, technicians, field service representatives and office staff.  We provide full service event production to numerous diverse-focused businesses within the greater New York City and Tri-State Area. We have no hidden service charges, and our competitive pricing strategy makes it easy for any client to work with us, regardless of budget. Hiring AV NYC can save you up to 50% on your event services, without sacrificing quality at all! That is because our dedicated, highly skilled event professionals have direct accountability to you. We are passionate about production planning, and keep strict attention to detail to make sure of the success of your event. From scrupulous management of facility details to audio visual staging coordination, we make certain that every aspect is considered. Our main goal is to work over every detail of your event down to the second so that when the time comes you can rest easy knowing we are there in case of any issues. We assign an event management partner for each client to ensure that we deliver a world class event, each and every time.

AV NYC audio visual specialists and events lighting engineers can support any audio video systems, lighting design and lighting production.

Starting as a Manhattan-based computer and audiovisual rental company in 2005, AV RENTALS NYC has now become a really integrated audiovisual and lighting corporation with services that extend to everything for event production. The quality of our service is delivered on your venue by our small group of dedicated technicians. It’s a fact that many people today have access to sound equipment, projectors, computers, and monitors which have become easy to set up. But usually our customers prefer to give this part to professionals, and they trust us to prepare for them the best estimate when it comes to budgeting for equipment and labor. This means that we take pride in the equipment we specify and use, choosing it for performance above all and not because it's either the cheapest or the most expensive. Our greatest strength is having the knowledge and lessons learned over eight years in the audiovisual industry, and renting only new, high-quality equipment from leading manufacturers of sound and video equipment. For your event you can also book one of our experienced project technicians to manage the technical side of your show from start to finish.

Our team in the Museum of the City of New York with museum personnel and guests of the London Universities International Partnership.

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Our business was founded with a passion for excellence in computer, stagingAV and lighting production along with the quality support services to achieve superior technical solutions for your business. We handle live events and business meetings. Our team of technicians are trained in the various aspects of multimedia productions and have done shows with a staged production set-up that caters to a large audience. We are always able to deliver quality sound installation, lighting design and live video presentation. Our staff examines and checks AV, network, and lighting products from the best manufacturers in the industry (Shure, EV, Sanyo, Barco, Sony, Panasonic, ETC, Samsung, Eiki) and select for future rentals only those gear that meet the highest standards of performance. AV Rentals NYC provides expert advice and consulting services to commercial audio-visual and control systems. We work with you on evaluation of your next project, exploring technology options or developing designs for your supervision. From conception to final balance and commissioning, we work with you to create an application which meets your presentation needs, event budget, enhances your image, and exceeds your expectations. Our focus market area is a 4 hour drive of NYC but we do business across the USA and have significant clients in many countries around the world.

Interested in one of our services for your next event? Drop us a line and we will get back to you within the hour. Please be sure to include the best way we can reach you.   

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